People, place-iness, and the power of paths 

Many of the footpaths across the British countryside have existed since medieval times and before. Even when they’re ploughed into oblivion, people tramp them back. Why? 

July 28, 2023

book icon Long Read | Being Human, Ideas

Why mammoths, moas and Maltese elephants disappeared

Most of the world’s giant land mammals vanished tens of thousands of years ago. Why? Because our Stone Age ancestors killed them on a gigantic scale

July 12, 2023

book icon Long Read | World

The world’s most overgoverned country

The tiny Pacific island-state of Palau has proportionally more elected representatives than anywhere else on Earth. Why?

June 27, 2023

book icon | World, Numbers

Untangling knots

Knots are so woven into our lives, we forget them. But they can reveal similarities between human and animal life, and even give us clues to what ties the universe together

April 23, 2023

book icon 15 mins | Ideas, World

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