Puppets and Poppets

Keeping the peace with paper bags and string ...

February 16, 2022

old fashioned drawings of children with paper bag puppets over their hands

'Fun on Wheels' has a foreword written by a real peer ...  Lancelot Joynson-Hicks, 3rd Viscount Brentford, then chairman of the Automobile Association.

The deadpan, pared-down prose is by Dave Garroway, an American TV host, with help from editor Courtenay Edwards.

It’s charming. Dave tells us his wife’s name is Pam. He admits that some of the 150 games and puzzles in the book ‘may sound rather silly’. 

This copy used to live in the family car in the glove box accompanied by a small, round tin of fruit flavoured travel sweets.

My brother and I never played Paper Bag Puppets or Face Masks. Perhaps we missed out.

© CEP at H&W 16th February 2022. All rights reserved.

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