Elands and Elonds

These second-cousins-once-removed share some unusual genetic traits

October 10, 2021

cartoon of a person and an animal
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Christine Evans-Pughe's avatar

Many thanks indeed for alerting us to the extraordinary shared origins of Elands and Elonds.

And please give us more details about the Musk Box ... is it animal, vegetable or mineral (or all three?)?!

Christine Evans-Pughe - 2022 01 15

You forgot to mention another element in common: both the Eland and the Elond originate in South Africa.

I would like to hear more about the strange cousins, the Musk Ox and the Musk Box.  Both can cover enormous distances in their natural habitat, the former eating virtually nothing during winter, and the latter needing replenishment only every 396 miles.  The former is covered in thick woolly hair to protect itself from subzero temperatures in north-eastern Nunavut, while its cousin the Musk Box sticks to temperate climes — because like the reptilian family it is cold-blooded and cannot move far when it’s freezing.  Regrettably these cousins will never meet.

Peter_G_Moll - 2022 01 15

Reading mouse

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