Sustainable AI?

AI uses gazillions of energy-guzzling computers to answer silly questions. Here's a plant-based version that works just as well ...

April 23, 2023

fish and stapler
The How and Why of AI. Animation by Tansy Huws @H&W © (2023)
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Great take-down of AI.  Two dice that can answer most questions, apparently intelligently.  In the Reader’s Digest in the 1960s appeared an article about how to impress your friends with your intelligent conversation: just memorize three lists of long words (numbered), of which the first two are adjectives and the last nouns.  Then think of a 3-digit number, and state the corresponding phrase.  Was the Reader’s Digest six decades ahead of the AI revolution?

Peter_G_Moll - 2023 08 10

I’m on the waiting list already

BenMaz - 2023 04 29

Reading mouse

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