April 2022 caption competition

If dogs did science ...

April 08, 2022

cartoon of dogs in a. laboratory
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We’ve also had some captions from newsletter subscribers who didn’t work out how to do the ‘comment’ thing.

Many thanks to:

Philip Howell for THREE contributions: “Unethical exploitation!”, “I’m not sure I"m going like this” and “Wasn’t I supposed to swallow it?”

Robert Hurford for:  “Urgh, Easter eggs..”

Grace Woodward for:” So you’re sure we need viagra for dogs?”

AntPughe for ““Tbh, I heard you say ‘guinea pig and then stopped listening”.

Christine Evans-Pughe - 2022 04 12

This is not what I meant when I said let’s go sniff some Ca N I Ne together!

Micinka - 2022 04 09

Rex has really raised the bar with his ultra potent scent!

AlexBowness - 2022 04 09

Reading mouse

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