Battling Panic Pythog

Why it’s very hard for investors to beat the market

January 12, 2022

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Mr Kurczak’s decision to let his Pythog loose and liquidate his portfolio cost him a million pounds in 2016 alone. 

I haven’t spoken to him since and wonder when (and if) he got invested again. Or was he so burned by his losses, and the gains he missed, that he’s been sitting in cash ever since? 

Hmmm. World equities gained about 5.8% in October 2021.

No crash.

Yet another wild forecast gone horribly wrong.

If you had listened to Mr Kiyosaki and sold equities when he suggested, you’d be poorer. And really pissed off. 

And I challenged her to leave her account alone and NOT LOOK AT IT UNTIL DECEMBER!

Put Pythog in prison.

She agreed. I suspect she peeked now and then, but she stayed invested and was ecstatic when she ended the year having made her money back with some more on top. 

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